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About The Farm

The Schroeder Farm is located on the east-side of Indiana near New Castle, IN. We raise quality Ameraucana chickens the old fashion way, with daily access to acres of natural grasses, wildflowers and insects. We never use antibiotics, hormones or anything unnatural.  We even refuse to use medicated feed.  By maintaining an extremely clean environment, only feeding the highest quality food, and by giving our chickens daily access to pasture land, our birds are strong and healthy without artificial anything.

We started a few years ago with day-old chicks mailed to our farm from top breeders around the country.  We strive to achieve the Standards of Perfection in our chickens, while maintaining vigorous egg laying behavior. We exhibit our prized specimens at shows throughout the Midwest.  Check back with us for photos, and news of our progress.

The Finest Breeds

We raise Dual Purpose breeds, so named for their value as both egg layers and table fare. We constantly strive to develop our stock closer to the official Standards of Perfection, while maintaining exceptional egg color. We raise large fowl Ameraucanas, the blue egg layers, in the Wheaten/Blue Wheaten/Splash Wheaten and Black varieties.

Many commercial hatcheries and individuals misrepresent the chickens they sell, claiming they are Ameraucanas and/or Araucanas. Often they are offering “Easter Egg” chickens, that may lay blue eggs, like Ameraucanas and Araucanas, but are really mixed breeds and not recognized by the APA or ABA. Before making a purchase remember the adage “buyer beware”.