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For Sale

At this time, I am raising large fowl Ameraucanas in Wheaten/Blue Wheaten/Splash Wheaten. I rarely have any birds available once I am finished with my Spring hatches. If you want day-old chicks in the Spring, let me know prior to January 1. I sell them at $10 each straight run only, with 50% due at the time of your order. I haven’t started mailing them so you would need to pick them up from me in New Castle, Indiana, (or I could drive a short distance to meet you, with $100 minimum order.)

The best chance at securing show quality birds is to purchase day old chicks. (Buying show quality adults from a quality breeder is practically unheard of, and then they would be VERY expensive.) Even then there are no guarantees. As Ameraucanas are a relatively new breed, even the highest quality parent stock will produce only a small percentage of potential show winners.

If your goal is to just have a few, true blue egg laying Ameraucanas, and you are not planning to raise them for showing or resale, I often have a few 4-month old pullets available in August/September. These will be pure breed large fowl Wheaten/Blue Wheatens that I judge to be not quite up to the quality I want to keep for shows or future breeding i.e. my culls. They will be beautiful, sweet girls, however!

I regularly have cockerels available. These Ameraucanas would be perfect for the enthusiast who has brown egg layers and wants to raise hens who will lay olive colored eggs.

4 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. Hello,

    My family has started a small flock of just 6 Rhode Island Reds and we’d love to get one or two Americunas. Do you have any hens for sale at this point?

  2. Hi, I’m looking for a couple young Ameraucana roosters to hang out with my hens (currently chicks). How could I go about getting a couple from you? I live over three and a half hours away.

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